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Mobile Windscreen Repair in West Midlands ~ Mobile Windscreen Replacement in West Midlands


Automotive windscreen services

Our fully trained technician will start our automotive glazing service off by an inspection of the vehicle glazing. The inspection will determine whether your damaged windscreen can be repaired or whether it needs to be replaced.

Can my auto windscreen be repaired?

Midland Motascreens is able to repair your chipped windscreen as long as it meets the British Standard Code of Practice BS AU 242a:1998. The following diagram is an illustration of a typical windscreen, which has been split into a number of zones.

Diagram of windscreen zones: British Standard Code of Practice BS AU 242a:1998

The following sizes of windscreen chip damage can be repaired in accordance with the British Standard Code of Practice BS AU 242a:1998, providing that it it situated within the Zones as referred to below:

ZONE A - Chip damage up to 10mm
ZONE B - Chip damage up to 15mm
ZONE C - Chip damage up to 25mm
ZONE D - Chip damage up to 40mm

If your windscreen cannot be repaired in accordance to BS AU 242a:1998, we can replace your windscreen.