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Auto Air Conditioning

Auto air conditioning service - A mobile auto vehicle air conditioning service you can rely on!

We also provide an auto air conditioning service across the West Midlands. Our mobile auto air conditioning service is reliable and efficient. We can re-gas, repair air conditioning parts on both commercial and private vehicles.

Why do I need my Auto Air Conditioning system tested?

We recommend an annual service to your cars air conditioning system, as you would with your cars engine. Air-con systems that aren′t fully charged will be less effective and have to work harder, putting strain on the car′s engine and using considerable more fuel, costing more money out your pocket!

Is there a strange odor circulating inside your car? Check your Auto Air conditioning System

A common complaint is that the air-con smells, this is a build up of bacteria in the system which is most often solved by a system service, but if this redevelops within a few days this can easily be removed completely by disinfecting the system airways with a specialist bacterial deodoriser.

What kind of auto air conditioning services do you offer?

  • Auto air conditioning pressure testing
  • Full auto air conditioning system service and re-gas
  • Auto air-con deodorisation treatment
  • Supply you with a wide range of auto air conditioning parts for vehicle air conditioning systems

For more information on our Auto air conditioning services or for a quote email: Info@MidlandMotascreens.co.ukor phone 07071 26 26 26.